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class DataStoreSelector:
    """TODO: continue"""
[docs] def __init__(self, data_stores): if (data_stores is None) or (isinstance(data_stores, (list, set)) and len(data_stores) == 0): #TODO: find a better type of exception raise Exception("At least one data store must be given.") self._data_stores = list(data_stores) if isinstance(data_stores, (list, set)) else [data_stores] #TODO: remove if len(self._data_stores) > 1: raise NotImplementedError("Multiple data stores are not yet supported.") @property def data_stores(self): return self._data_stores
[docs] def select_stores(self, id=None, **kwargs): #TODO: implement seriously
[docs] return self._data_stores def select_store(self, **kwargs): """TODO: what is the correct behavior when multiple stores are returned? """
[docs] return self.select_stores(**kwargs)[0] def select_sparql_stores(self, query): #TODO: look at the query for filtering
[docs] return filter(lambda s: s.support_sparql_filtering(), self._data_stores)